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Sydney and Melbourne, the twin engines of Australia’s house price boom, are finally spluttering – thanks mostly to financial regulator Apra’s tightening of lending and the fallout from the banking royal commission while it is bad news for investors, it is good news for hopefuls trying to buy their first home. Where once the market was driven upwards by buyers’ fear of missing out, now they can afford to buy but  Saving for a long-term goal, such as the purchase of your first home, can be challenging when we live in a culture that encourages immediate gratification and a spend, spend, spend mentality. If you’re looking to set yourself up in a position where you can purchase a home in the future, saving for that all-important deposit is a crucial first step in the right direction. Saving doesn’t have to be a drag – in fact, we’ve come up with some easy steps to help you save the dollars you need to see your first property secured.

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